From time to time, we may find some amazing stories that will make us ponder about life. Most of us are not thankful enough even just for the gift of life or the air we breathe every day. Here’s a story of Murray—an abandoned dog on a beach in Puerto Rico—whose zest for life made him survive death and found a new home.

Abandoned on a beach and contracted distemper, Murray’s life definitely didn’t start easy. In Puerto Rico, there’s a beach called Dead Dog Beach located on the southeastern coast of the island, where animals are abandoned and just die there. Murray was sadly one of the abandoned animals.

On top of being abandoned, Murray also contracted distemper—a terrible virus that can lead to death, targeting the nervous and respiratory systems. This illness left him toothless, unable to control his tongue to get out of his mouth, and a disfigured head but none of these things keep him from his enthusiasm about life. He’s always sweet and loving despite of what he’s been through.

Murray was rescued by Project Sato. This is a non-profit organization that helps in rescuing abandoned animals from Puerto Rico to be adopted. They particularly concentrate rescuing animals on Dead Dog Beach.

We can say this could be the happy ending for our dog Murray, but it wasn’t. Due to his poor condition, Murray was supposed to be subjected to euthanasia however he began waggling his tails before his lethal injection.

After cheating death, Murray finally found his true home in the arms of the Gallant Family. Mackenzie Gallant told Barcroft Media how they love he’s unique looks. From his drooping tongue to his unaligned ears, Murray did not miss the chance to get the love and affection of the family that he can be with forever.

The family decided to keep Murray for good and they also made him an Instagram account so people will be aware of those animals left behind in Puerto Rico. Murray gained a lot of followers and made them aware about distemper as well as how to beat the odds in life.



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