Dogs are naturally intelligent animals. They can easily follow instructions and has the initiative to act on emergencies and certain events. All in all, they are such an amazing animals.

Dogs continuously surprise the entire human population as news and stories about them spread every single day. For instance, the photo of a very beautiful German Shepherd went viral as people using Weibo, an app in China which is equivalent to Twitter went crazy over him and his story.

Duo Duo, the German Shepherd, has spent most of his time serving the military with his handler, Wang Xudong. In the photo, everyone was there to give Xudong their final salutes as he is about to retire from service.

In the photo, all the soldiers are in their perfect formation. During this time, Duo Duo’s duty was to survey the whole are. He then found out that there a ceremony for his handler, Xudong. As a sign of his loyalty and respect to Xudong, Duo Duo stood up using his hind legs and gave Xudong a salute.

When the photos below went viral, online users could not stop their appreciation to the gesture made by this loyal dog.

Here are the viral photos;

Our two cents

Dogs are capable of feeling emotions and expressing such emotions. They know what loyalty and respect are and they do not have any problems showing such respect to those who respected them as well. What this story aims to highlight is the importance of respecting our pets, especially the dogs. Human beings have the ability to think and understand things. It is about time that we start understanding our dogs and give them the kind of respect which they also deserve.

The author would like to thank the editors and staff of OurPassionForDogs for sharing this story and for the photos.






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