Maria Margherita of Italy was a devoted churchgoer. She went to the church of the San Donaci village in Puglia every day of her life. She attended mass daily with Ciccio, her German Shepherd.

When Maria Margherita died, her funeral service was given in the same place of worship she had frequented while she was still alive. The same church she had consistently visited with her loyal canine companion, Ciccio. Ciccio even walked by Maria Margherita’s coffin while it was being carried into the church.

Dog turns up to dead owner's church every day

Photo courtesy of The Telegraph

After Mari Margherita’s funeral services, Ciccio kept returning to the church every day. Ciccio seemed intent to pay respects to his deceased human companion and to remember their last moments together. The church’s chaplain as well as the churchgoers from the village welcomed the dog with all of their hearts.

According to Father Donato Panna, Ciccio attended his daily mass and was always at his best behavior. He never made any distracting sounds. He would always stand by near the podium where the priest celebrated mass, right beneath the altar.

People in the village surmised that Ciccio visited the church with hopes of getting reacquainted with his departed human, Maria Margherita. If they could only explain to the dog that such would not be possible, they would in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, there was no way to convey such a message to Ciccio hence they decided to just let him be.

According to villagers, Maria Margherita rescued a number of stray dogs. Ciccio was her absolute favorite though, therefore she took him with her everywhere she went. In return, Ciccio rewarded Maria’s affection with his undying devotion.

Ciccio’s daily church visits had made such a strong impact in the village community. The entire village started taking care of Ciccio, the loyal dog.

Source: The Huffington Post



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