I can only imagine how much you love your canine friend. It’s a genuine relationship that most dog owners have, it actually grows stronger with time. For this reason, I totally understand why you often indulge your dog in snacks and extra treats.

I have nothing against spoiling your beloved pup. But here’s the thing. I need you to consider the adverse effects of failing to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for your dog. Don’t you think it’s something to think about?

I’m sure you do. This is based on the fact that an overweight dog will succumb to many health problems. Some of which include: Breathing, diabetes, and heart ailments. This added weight that the dog moves around with also adds on to the stress.

How do you tell if your dog is overweight or obese?

This is not a big deal. You can always tell if your dog needs some lifestyle changes. If you cannot locate your dog’s ribs, then they’re an overweight dog.

Understand that obesity causes stroke, cancer, constipation, heart failure, heart attacks, diabetes, and intestinal gas. As a result, obese dogs are likely to have hypertension, spinal issues, arthritis, or even die during surgery. Consequently, these dogs tend to have a short lifespan. And guess what causes all these problems? Our inability to moderate on the food we feed our dogs, all in the name of love.

Remember that a dog is considered overweight if it carries 10% more than its ideal weight. But if it carries 20% extra, its considered obese. I know many people who are hesitant to accept the fact that their dogs are obese. In any case, it does not do you any good, accept the problem so that you can find a solution.

How to conduct a quick obesity checkup

You need to consider the breed standards that are stipulated for the purebred dogs. The standards highlight the ideal weight and height for this dogs. The first thing you need to verify is whether your dog fits the criteria.

If you own a mixed breed, there are standards for purebred which can be compared with your dog in terms of height and body type. Get a proper measurement of your dog while they’re standing. This should extend from the withers to the ground. You then compare this with the purebred’s height.

Weighing your dog should not be a problem. You just need to pick them up and then stand on the bathroom scale. You then weigh yourself without holding him and then subtract to get the difference. Alternatively, you can weigh them at the vet’s office. You’ll then compare his weight with that of the breed standard that’s close to your dogs. The main cause of obesity is under activity and overeating.

What is the solution?

Regular check-ups at the vet will play a major role. This should be done before you start making radical changes in the diet. However, you need to understand that obesity might be caused by other factors such as thyroid problems. So you need to rule out these factors by visiting your vet. If the vet advocates for an exercise plan or new diet, then do exactly that. At the end of the day, understand that you play a very big role in your canine’s life. Be moderate about what you feed them.

If you’re consistent in the application of this remedy, results will finally yield. You’ll have so much pleasure to see the dog dashing across the fields as it leaps into the air for a Frisbee. Keep that in mind.


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