There are a lot of things we need to consider before getting a dog. And one of the important considerations to make is the dog’s registration paper.

Purchasing a purebred canine from a certain breeder should come with litter registration document. Make sure to receive a copy before getting your pet.

Importance of Litter Certificate

Litter registration refers to the paper which shows the birth date, breed, name/address of breeder, and the registered name/number of dam and sire. This information is really important, so make sure the details match the one from the breeder.

Watch out for any discrepancies, particularly if the date of birth is not clear or consistent. However, in case the litter registration isn’t available, you can ask for the litter certificates of the sire and dam just to be sure that you are dealing with a registered breeder.

Registration of purebred dogs can be done through the United Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, and other registries. It’s also important to ensure that dogs are registered under the owner’s name. Take note of the registration name and number.

What If Your Breeder Doesn’t Provide Any Document?

If your chosen breeder can’t give you these documents, then find another breeder who can provide you with all the necessary papers. Credible breeders are always ready to give you copies of registration papers including the documents of the sire and dam.

But if you trust the breeder and you really want the type of breed available, ask the breeder to sign a contract that he will provide you the necessary documents when they are ready. The most ideal timeframe you can give is within 30 days and will get a refund if papers were not sent to you.

When to Use the Documents

If you’re getting a new puppy for breeding or show purposes, then it’s really important to have all these documents in place. Other conditions upon purchase must also be indicated in the contract. Or else, the breeder won’t be held liable once there are health issues with the puppy.

Being aware of the litter registration, whether with UKC, CKC, or AKC, will help you ensure that you are buying a purebred pet. However, it doesn’t guarantee you’re getting the best quality breed of dog. It’s not easy, however, to tell regarding the breeding/show quality or pet quality of a dog.

Spaying and Neutering Dogs

Veterinarians usually advise pet owners to have their dogs neutered or spayed in order to reduce their risk of developing health problems like cancer. In addition, neutered and spayed canines make a better companion at home. In fact, reliable breeders always recommend buying breeds with spay or neuter contract.

Now you have an idea why it is so important to process your puppy’s litter registration before bringing them home.

What type of breed, that you think will make a good pet, are you planning to get in the future? Any breed will do; just make sure they have the necessary papers.


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