As dog owners, we only want what’s best for our fur-babies. However, we are prone to those cute canines who would want a piece of your favorite food.

When dogs give you those puppy eyes while you eat a piece of bread for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or can be hard not to give in to their demands. Bread has become a staple in our diet, and should be safe enough to share with your favorite pooch, right?

Many have speculated that bread is one of the oldest foods prepared, served and enjoyed by man all over the world. But it is a known fact that not everything we eat is edible and considered safe for dogs.

So, is it safe to say that dogs can eat bread? Let’s find out.

First, Can Dogs Eat Plain Bread?

According to the Medical Director of the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center APCC, Dr. Tina Wismer, we can feed dogs with bread.

However, bread can be calorically dense, which makes it vital for dog owners to monitor the amount given to them. Snack-sized servings are safe for dogs to consume, and won’t cause any problems unless they have allergies to certain ingredients.

Can Dogs Eat Bread That Isn’t Plain?

We all know that not all bread is created equal.

While most types of bread are safe for dogs to eat, there are those that you would have to refrain from giving your pooch. Bread becomes hazardous to your dog’s health if you feed them one which contains ingredients considered toxic to dogs.

Is Bread With Nuts Safe for Dogs to Eat?

All nuts, in general, have a high amount of fat in them. Macadamia nuts, specifically are among the type of nuts toxic to dogs.

Therefore, owners should be cautious enough so as not to feed their dogs with foods that contain too much fat.

Is It Safe to Feed Dogs With Bread Before It Is Baked?

Unbaked bread will have a possibility to rise in volume before it reaches the dog’s stomach. This might cause your dog to suffer from bloating and pain, sometimes getting drunk from the ethanol – a yeast byproduct.

Feeding Your Dog With Bread for Health Reasons

Is your dog underweight?

Then it is best to talk to your local vet, and he can give you the best advice on how to help your dog achieve a healthy weight the safe and healthy way. You can ask if he approves you adding bread to your dog’s diet.

Doctors suggest that grain-wheat or whole-wheat based bread are an excellent choice if you plan to add more fiber to your dog’s diet.

Plain white bread, French bread, and other bread types are safe for dogs, but these contain a lesser amount of fiber.

Feeding Dogs With Bread for Other Reasons

You may want to try giving dogs a tiny peanut butter sandwich, especially if you want them to swallow pills with it. Just make sure that your chosen peanut butter is Xylitol-free.


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