Not many people like winter, partly because there are heavy snows and it’s simply too cold to enjoy the season. Not only do these two elements have a way of ruining an average amusement, but they also pose threat to our beloved tiny pups, especially those who were not bred to stand the cold.

Most pets require shelter from the cold environment. After all, for most animals, winter creates harsh conditions. Therefore, puppies which are not yet fully developed to stand very low temperature are in much more danger when exposed to such a season.

Here are the 5 best ways you could protect your puppy during this rough, frigid weather:

1. Keep body temperature a priority

Hypothermia—or a case when the body’s normal body temperature drops so low—is one of the major concern to a newborn pooch.

If you have a dog which just gave birth to her puppies and are typically housed outdoors, it is imperative to have them someplace warmer, such as indoors, and applying the necessary measures to keeping them warm.

While this might imply putting extra effort in keeping the inside of the household clean, it is a small price to pay if you are keen on having your pets survive through the freezing cold.

2. Restrict bathing

The cold in the season has its way of making liquid form into solid rather fast, you would experience it every single time you wash your hand with tap water. Just imagine the effect the weather would cause your dog, let alone the puppy when you choose to bathe it during winter.

Although most dogs are fine with bathing at least once a week or even every day, the winter season does not hold as much normalcy for it to become feasible.

3. Do not leave your pet in your car

In as much the same way that a car gets too hot from the inside if left under the sun’s heat, a car gets too cold when exposed to winter’s freezing cold.

If you are bringing a pet along for travels, make sure to carry it with you wherever you do and not just leave it inside your car which is likely parked by the snow.

4. Safeguard their feet

A dog’s paw is very sensitive. Knowing that the snow from the outdoors is often as a result of a mixture salt, the snow itself, and de-icing chemicals that induce a reaction to your dog’s paws, it is always wise to apply safety precaution in having its feet cleaned when coming from outdoors.

Furthermore, by applying the aforementioned, you are also preventing your dog from inadvertently ingesting the said chemicals that may only be toxic to it.

5. Pay extra careful towards antifreeze

There is an irony that for something that appeals to animals taste for its sweetness, the chemical called antifreeze is actually highly toxic towards animals, especially dogs.

If your pet, say a puppy, unwittingly came across the chemical and licked it, take your beloved pooch to the vet asap.


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