As humans grow old, our needs and wants change. Similarly, dogs experience this as well.

As they grow older, expect to see that they are no longer as energetic or as hyper as they used to be. This process is difficult for them and there are things we can do to make it easier.

Here are the basic things you should know about your dog’s needs as he grows older.

Proper Grooming

The difference between pups and older/senior dogs is that their coat needs more care than before. The older a dog gets, the more mat his hair becomes. Additionally, as he ages, the skin also becomes more prone to irritation and small infections.

Brushing and cutting your dog’s hair regularly can do the trick to help your dog feel comfortable. It will also help him to look good, thus making him feel good.

Nails are also a part of them that should be kept a close eye on. Trimming, when needed, would prevent any paw pains in the future.


Having a changing routine is not the best lifestyle for your dog. Having changing routines can add up their stress, and their bodies may not be physically capable of keeping up with all the activities you want to do.

Senior dogs would prefer to live a routine life and would appreciate keeping it that way. The best way to approach this is by sticking to a routine. And if you do need/want to travel or leave your dog home alone, what you can do is hire a pet sitter or ask your relatives or friends to pet sit your dogs for a while.

Dental Health

All dogs need proper dental hygiene, but it gets more important for dog’s who are older. Older dogs are more prone to some gum diseases and tooth decay.

Many dogs don’t enjoy getting their teeth cleaned and for an older dog this may bring unwanted stress. The best course of action here is to bring him to your vet and request for an extraction for his teeth that are decaying.

If his gums or teeth are infected, it’ll bring a lot of problems such as limiting him from eating and may affect his overall mood.


When your pup was still in his prime time, young age, your usual bonding would most probably hikes, travel trips, or walks in the park. But since your dog no longer has the physical strength to do all those any more that doesn’t mean there isn’t any form of bonding experiences/activities you can do.

Dogs at their age would want and need more love and attention. Your mere presence gives them a kind of comfort that uplifts their mood.

Simple Exercises

Just because they are older doesn’t mean their muscles and bone don’t work anymore. They are no longer as active as before but they need to at least get enough exercise to slow down the weakening of their bones and muscles.

Senior dogs who don’t get moderate exercise may have problems with their weight; this leads to many more health problems. Try to find ways to get them up on their feet and just be watchful of their stamina when you’re trying to exercise already.


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