Man and dog have been together for thousands of years. We decided to domesticate dogs as we knew they were smart enough to do jobs for us. Our relationship took off, and we have been inseparable ever since. They help us with our work, and we provide for their needs and some loving too.

It’s not too bold to say that man and dog like to depend on one another. But in the City of Chicago, a golden retriever dares to disprove this statement. He shows the citizens of the windy city that dogs can stand on their own paws and even walk with pride alone in the streets.

But of course he is not totally alone. Meet Sporty, he and his human dad David Duncan are making the rounds on the internet as people are impressed and amused by Sporty’s antics. He likes to walk the streets without David holding the other end of the leash – instead, the pup puts it in his mouth.

David walks next to Sporty to make sure that if anyone is uncomfortable with a dog without the owner holding his leash, he can step in quickly. We don’t understand how anyone can be uncomfortable. Just look at him! He’s too adorable to be seen as a threat in any shape or form.

Despite Sporty being super adorable, there are some who says that what they are doing is illegal. In the city of Chicago, dogs who are out in public should always be on a leash with a human supervisor. Well, we say, just lighten up. Sporty is showing a high level of discipline that isn’t always seen in dogs.

So he is not a threat to anybody. Plus, most of the people love Sporty as he has become an icon of the streets of Chicago. David explained that they only started doing this trick around the block. He wondered if they can push it further and Sporty showed that it was a walk in the park. See the duo in the video below.

Video credit: CBS Chicago via Youtube


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