Dogs are very expressive creatures. Owners can immediately recognize when they are blue or hurt or even scared. But did you notice how dogs are the most expressive when they are happy?

Owners often see them wagging their tails in delight when they are thrilled about something. Sometimes they pounce on you when you come home from work, and then ask you to play catch. Most of the times, they just slobber you with wet kisses to show you how much they adore you.

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But this particular labrador changed the name of the game. What does he do when he’s happy, you may ask? Simple! He does the “roll over” dance!

We fondly called it “roll over” dance since his moves are mostly composed of spinning around and rolling over. In the short clip, when he noticed the many guests he has over at his house, he got so excited he couldn’t contain it!

To release his energy and keep his guests entertained at the same time, someone decided to play his seemingly favorite song, Ten In The Bed. And as if on cue, the labrador started doing his well-practiced moves in the middle of the living room.

The nursery rhyme mentioned the words “roll over” plenty of times in the song, making the gorgeous black lab roll over repeatedly.

He enjoyed his dancing session so much that he even finished the entire song before stopping (and no signs of exhaustion, for that matter). His owners should definitely take him to the disco sometimes. He will sure become the life of the party!

If you want to watch this happy labrador breaking down on the dancefloor, feel free to press play. But we’re warning you! Once you start watching how adorable he looks while dancing, you will surely keep this on repeat!

Video courtesy of True Best Friend


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